Lunch Menu


Lunch is served each day till 5.30 in a welcoming atmosphere.

The central location of The Western Restaurant and Bar enables easy access from all of Galway City Centre major shopping areas. Guests can enjoy our light tasty lunch menu and hot traditional lunch specials that are changed daily.

Our chefs use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to provide our delicious lunch options. Our family friendly Galway Restaurant is a perfect venue for Sunday lunches. Car parking is provided and various family meal or business lunch offers are available. 


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Served in the western bar

Served till 5.30pm in the Western Bar


Soup of the Day

Homemade Soup Served with Fresh Homemade Bread

S, CY, D


Western Seafood Chowder

Creamy Seafood Soup with Smoked Fish, Salmon, White Fish & Mussels Served with Fresh Homemade Bread

C, F, M, S, D, , CY, SP, G


The Western’s Chicken Caesar Salad

Crispy Lettuce, Caesar Dressing, Chicken Strips, Bacon, Croutons & Parmesan

G, D, M, D


Fish & Chips

 Beer Battered White Fish, Served with Salad, Fries & Homemade Tartar Sauce

G, D, f, e, sp


Vegetable Stir Fry

 Egg Noodles and Vegetables Stir Fried in Soy Sauce with Sesame Seeds

G, E, S, SS, CY, N, SP


Vegetable Stir Fry with Chicken

Egg Noodles and Vegetables Stir Fried in Soy Sauce with Sesame Seeds – with Chicken

G, E, S, SS, CY, N, SP


Golden Fried Chicken Wrap

Toasted Golden Fried Chicken Wrap with Crispy Lettuce, Tomato & Cheddar Cheese, Served with Side Salad and Fries

e, g, d, s, m, d, cy



Double Decker Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich on White or Brown Bread

Served with Side Salad & Fries

D, E, G, CY


Toasted Special

Toasted Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Onion Sandwich

Served with Relish & Salad Garnish

D, G


Build Your Own Sandwich

Plain or Toasted Sandwich on White or Brown Bread
Your Choice of Fillings:

Chicken, Ham, Beef, Turkey, Bacon, Tuna, Cheddar Cheese, Onion, Tomato, Lettuce

G, F, D, MD


Add Chips



Add Soup



Allergen Key




Gluten=G, Crustaceans=C, Eggs=E, Molluscs= M, Soybeans=S, Peanuts=P, Nuts=N, Dairy=D, Celery=CY, Mustard=MD, Sesame Seeds=SS, Sulphites=SP, Lupin=L